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C-Labs Approach

C-Labs understands the Internet of Things (IoT). The underlying technology is straightforward, but the implementation depends on context, application, and business need.

For example, factory floors are very different from offices. Pushing a security update to a production line Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) during manufacturing could lead to disaster. And exposing that same PLC to the internet could make it vulnerable to viruses and theft of intellectual property.

Likewise, unlike consumer-grade solutions, enterprises are not yet comfortable making their industrial processes dependent upon an internet connection and storing and processing data in a third-party cloud service. Requiring an internet connection to retrieve data from a local machine makes business processes vulnerable to communication outages and increases operating costs. And storing and processing data in the cloud, while often a good choice for historical analysis, can introduce real-time bottlenecks and reduce operational efficiency.

The C-Labs approach is based on three principles:

Simplify communication between operations and enterprise IT


Distribute Business Intelligence where it is needed


Increase operational efficiency


C-Labs approach is based on years of industrial automation and embedded software experience. Forget the buzzwords. If you want to connect equipment to the IoT, connect industrial systems to corporate IT, or find out more about what the IoT means for your business, please Contact Us.

Industrial Automation

A flexible and integrated plant floor and IT infrastructure helps manufacturers and suppliers improve and streamline the key tasks in producing products and getting them to market quickly.

C-Labs software solutions help manufacturers increase efficiencies, respond to market changes, and address new industry and production trends.

C-Labs Factory-Relay simplifies the task of connecting sensors, devices, and services together to give you a complete picture of your operational system.

Custom Solutions

Embedded Software for OEMs
Embedded Software for OEMs

Extending your existing OEM product to enable IoT connectivity can be daunting. There are many challenges, including security, "viral" software licensing, and connectivity with so many protocol options and competing standards. C-Labs can deliver the core connectivity software you need, freeing your engineering team to work on your particular application.

Think of C-Labs embedded software components just like any other supplier component assembled into your final product. C-Labs can deliver "white label" software components that carry your own unique branding, yet work with the existing plug-ins available for the C-Labs product ecosystem.

For information about developing a custom solution to be embedded into your own product, please Contact Us.

Plug-in SDK
Plug-in SDK

C-Labs Factory-Relay is built in a flexible, extensible architecture with a familiar plug-in model. Plug-ins can be developed to support additional communication protocols or device types, new user interface elements, data ingestion for analytics, storage methods and archiving, or pretty much anything you can imagine. Even off-the-shelf consumer products, such as switches, lights, thermostats, security cameras, Microsoft Kinect units, DLNA media equipment, and much more, can be accommodated via a plug-in.

In addition to using off-the-shelf plug-ins for common industrial protocols and user interface elements, you can develop your own plug-ins using the C-Labs Factory-Relay SDK, or have C-Labs develop them for you.

For more information about what plug-ins are available and what SDK options are available to you, please Contact Us.