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Implementing an industrial-grade solution for the IoT doesn't have to be complicated, and C-Labs makes it easy to do it yourself. Whether you are a veteran of implementing industrial automation systems, a first-timer grappling with new IoT questions, or are someone wanting help with a proof-of-concept prototype on the way to making an investment for future production capacity, C-Labs experts are available to help you make your implementation-and your whole team-a big success.

The C-Labs engineering team will assist you with designing a turnkey solution for your environment, with the performance characteristics, redundancy, and security capabilities needed for your particular operations model. One that also delivers a modern user interface supporting touch and gestures on smartphones and tablets.

When it comes time to deploy your solution, we can help you support your organization's IT policies to ensure the necessary remote and mobile access to effectively monitor and control your systems with the flexibility and ease-of-use you need to keep your industrial processes running smoothly.

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In a lab environment, things can look easy when everything goes according to plan. By contrast, in the real world it can be challenging to connect equipment together with the scalability and security that you need. If you are adding Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity to new or existing products, look to C-Labs for robust, well-tested software which you can embed into your own product. The C-Labs product team delivers the core connectivity software you need, leaving your own engineering resources available to focus on your particular application. You benefit by getting connectivity out-of-the-box, while remaining free to customize your solution and protect your proprietary intellectual property (IP) by keeping sensitive development in-house. Among its many other benefits, C-Labs product integration support allows you to extend an existing solution to the cloud quickly and easily.

C-DEngine is a true rapid application development (RAD) framework for the IoT. It accomplishes the challenging task of keeping communications secure while also complying with your enterprise IT policies in a firewall-friendly manner. All of this makes your products more attractive to your customers.

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The Internet never sleeps. In the same way, the Internet of Things (IoT), and most industrial automation systems, are expected to perform 24x7. When something goes wrong, you need someone you can turn to quickly to get the help you need right away.

C-Labs offers technical support services to help keep your C-Labs products properly configured, updated, and running at peak performance. We are here to help you with whatever connectivity, security, or performance issues you may need to address. We can help connect your existing environment to new sensors, new software, and new equipment.

If you are expanding your installation and adding new sensors, devices, or other equipment, C-Labs can walk you through the process to keep your system running without interruption. And if you need assistance with designing a major expansion of your systems, we also offer solution design services to ensure your success.

Found a piece of equipment or a protocol that you can't get connected or is no longer communicating properly? Our technical support team can help you troubleshoot issues and, if necessary, offer product integration and plug-in development services to make sure you are always getting reliable performance.

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Do you need to get data from legacy equipment that connects to the outside world with a serial port? Or perhaps you want to connect a webcam that enables remote users to view plant operations-but in a secure way that blocks unauthorized access? C-Labs products are built to connect to industrial equipment, old and new, in a secure and reliable manner. In both of these examples, the answer can be found using a plug-in.

We have a large and growing library of plug-ins, including plug-ins for OPC-UA and other industry standard protocols. We can help train your development team to build your own plug-ins using the C-Labs Software Development Kit (SDK). We can also develop custom plug-ins to provide the needed features that meet the requirements of your factory-floor equipment, as well your IT department's policies. Depending on its size and complexity, a plug-in can be developed and tested in as little as two weeks.

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We can train your software developers to get them productive quickly with C-Labs technologies. You can send individual developers to a public class (see Class Schedule), or you can host a class at your site to make it available to your entire development team. Either way, your developers will return with the knowledge and insights to help them make the most of C-Labs products.

C-Labs training classes are lecture and lab-based. During the lecture, our expert instructors give the inside view on our technologies along with insights into the best practices learned from decades of development experience. Your development team will gain valuable firsthand experience from the programming labs, where they can apply what has been learned to solve real-world problems

After the class, our support for training participants continues with a special support forum created just for training alumni. We use this forum to continue to support your development efforts through a rich sample code library, and the opportunity to stay in touch with expert instructors for help answering the inevitable questions that come up in software development.

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CDE101 Introduction to C-DEngine Programming to be announced Online via Teams